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Total Station Nikon K-2

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Total Station Nikon K-2 Accuracy 2 Second" Premium Quality

Convenient to use. The K Series Total Station is already integrated with Nikon onboard software, so you can be assured of an easy, straightforward workflow. The K 2″ Series Total Station has a dual monochrome backlit display, while the 5″ Series Total Station has a single display. Both can store up to 50,000 records. Just as important, you can rely on Nikon’s customer support and services anytime it is needed.

Portable yet tough. The Nikon K Series Total Station will work with you as long you need it to. It weighs only 11 pounds, and is built with a comfortable handle designed for portability. It has an IP55 rating that assures it is protected against dust, rain, and water jets often encountered in worksites.

Extend your hours for as long as you need. The Nikon K Total Station has a Li-on battery pack that can work up to 22 hours with continuous angle measurement. It comes with a USB-C charger, so you can charge your unit even in remote work sites.

Send data easily. After all your hard work, you can transfer your data from the Total Station to a computer or mobile phone using Bluetooth connectivity. For iOS and Android phone users, the Total Station File Transfer app can be installed on a phone to send coordinate data to the Nikon K. The phone can then also receive observation and coordinate data from the Total Station. These connectivity features allow data to be sent to the office before the staff get back, ensuring prompt processing.


Weight 11 lb
Dimensions 13.1 in x 6.6 in x 6.8 in
Protection Class IP55
Internal Memory 50,000 records
Angle Measurement
Measuring Method/Reading System Prism
Detection Method Photoelectric detection by incremental encoder
Minimum Reading .1/5/10” (0.2/1/2 mgon)
Accuracy 5“
Diameter of Circle 3.46 in
Distance Measurement
EDM Accuracy (Precision) ±(2+2 ppm × D) mm
Tilt Sensor/Compensator
Range .±3‘
Type Dual axis
Method Liquid-electric detection
Power Source Li-on battery
Battery Life Upto 22 hours
Optical Plummet
Image Erect
Magnification 3X
Field of View
Focus Range 0.5 m (1.6 ft) to 8
Circular Bubble Vial 10‘/2 mm
Length of Tube 4.9 in
Image Erect
Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture) 1.77in
Magnification 30× (18x/36x with optional eyepieces)
Field of View 1°20
Resolving Power . 3”
Minimum Focus Distance 4.9 ft
Display and Keypad
Type Single LCD display
Touchscreen No
Backlight Yes
Pixels 128 × 64 pixel
Operating –4 °F to +122 °F
Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
Single Prism 13,123 ft
No Prism n/a
Bluetooth Integrated

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