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Leica DD230 Smart Utility Cable Locator

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Kode Produk: Leica DD230 Stok Tersedia - 02-02-2023
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Jual Leica DD230 Smart Utility Cable Locator dengan harga murah dan terjangkau.

The Leica DD200 Series Smart Utility Cable Locator is an easy-to-use powerful underground locator that can precisely identify and detect buried utilities and cables with a range up to 23 feet. Equipped with an automated pinpointing technology, this Leica utility locator offers a radio frequency of 15 to 60 kilohertz. It has a Smart technology that allows to track power, radio or signal up to 33 kilohertz.
This DD200 Series locator features a transmitter modes up to four modes. It has a GPS feature that has five receiver types. The DD200 Series includes a Leica DX Shield software that gives a space for utility analysis and connection between SMART locators to increase accuracy and productivity. Also, it consists of an eight-gigabyte internal memory and a Class 2 Bluetooth technology for a wire-free connection to field controllers, mobile devices, and software.
With an IP66 rating, the DD200 locator is completely protected from dust and from powerful water jets. It utilizes a 7.4 Li-ion battery that operates up to 20 hours. This Leica underground locator offers a USB connectivity that is a perfect tool for configuration, maintenance, and data analysis. As an additional feature, the Leica DD200 Series flaunts a large colored display that is a great companion for a whole day work.

Choice of 4 models
Easy-to-use powerful underground locator
Identifies and detect buried utilities and cables
Depth range up to 23’
Automated pinpointing technology
Radio frequency: 15 to 60 kHz
Smart technology
Tracks power, radio, signal up to 33 kHz
Transmitter modes up to 4 modes
GPS feature with 5 types
Leica DX Shield software
8GB internal memory
Class 2 Bluetooth technology
IP66 dustproof and water resistant
7.4 Li-ion battery
Up to 20 hours of battery life
USB connectivity
Large colored display

Power: 50 / 60 Hz, mains electrical and harmonics
Radio: 15kHz to 60kHz
Auto: Power, Radio, 33kHz
Transmitter Modes: 131.072 (131) kHz, 32.768 (33) kHz, 8.192 (8) kHz, 512 Hz, 640 Hz
Depth Range: Line 0.1m to 5m, Line 4 inches to 16.4 feet, Sonde 0.1m to 10m, Sonde 4 inches to 32.8 feet
Depth Accuracy*: 5% (*Depth to an undistorted signal)
Bluetooth: Class 2 BLE dual mode module, Bluetooth Classic 2.1, Bluetooth 4.0 (LE)
GPS**: Chipset (1): u-bloxGPS, Receiver Type: GPS L1C/A, SBAS L1C/A, QZSS L1C/A, GLONASS L1OF, BeiDou B1, Accuracy (2): Horizontal Position 2.5 m, Autonomous, 2.0 m SBAS,CEP, Start time: Cold 45 s typical, Aided 7 s typical, Hot 1 s typical (** (1) All data/information according to manufacturer u-bloxGPS; Leica Geosystems does not assume any liability whatsoever for such information.

(2) Accuracy is dependent upon various factors including atmospheric conditions, multi-path, obstructions, signal geometry and number of tracked satellites.)

Memory Capacity: 8 GB internal memory
Environmental Standard: IP66
Operating Temperature: -20 C to +50 C, -4 F to +122F
Battery: 7.4V Rechargeable Li Ion
Battery operating time ***: 15 h (*** Constant use at 20C/68F)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 765x290x93mm, 30.12 x11.423.66 inches

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