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ICOM IC-78 Radio SSB

Kategori: ICOM,Radio RIG | Dilihat: 13 Kali
Harga: Rp 11.160.000
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Kode Produk: ICOM IC-78 Stok Tersedia - 11-03-2024
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ICOM IC-78 Radio SSB HF Transceiver

ICOM IC-78 Radio SSB adalah Radio HF Transceiver yang memiliki kemampuan transmisi dari 1,6 hingga 30 MHz. Bagian receiver dilengkapi IF Shift, Adjustable Noise Blanker, dan RIT. 99 saluran memori dupleks tersedia untuk menyimpan frekuensi transmisi dan penerimaan individual, mode pengoperasian, pengaturan filter, serta nama saluran 8 karakter.

Simple Operation with Keypad
A minimum of buttons and knobs provide uperior feature selectability. The 10 keypad allows you to enter an operating frequency or a memory channel number directly. VFO mode is available for continuous frequency operation.

General Coverage Receive
The IC-78 covers 0.03-29.999999 MHz* in SSB, CW, RTTY and AM modes. The 1st receiver mixer provides superior receiver sensitivity, rejecting nearby interfering signals.

Front Mounted Loud Speaker
With the speaker facing the operator, audio sounds can be clearly heard without impediment during operation.

Other Features

101 memory channels
VOX (Voice Operated Transmission)
Digital S/RF meter
Band stacking register
IF shift interference rejection
Squelch/RF gain control
Optional automatic antenna tuner, AT-140 available

Specifications ICOM IC-78 Radio SSB

Frequency range TX 1.6-29.9999 MHz
(Guaranteed : 0.5-29.9999)
RX 0.03-29.9999 MHz
Power supply requirement 13.8 V DC ±15% (negative ground)
Dimensions (W×H×D)
(Projections not included)
240×95×239 mm
9.4×3.7×9.4 in
Weight (approx.) 3.8 kg; 8.4 lb
Current drain (approx.) Transmit (High) 20 A typ. at max. power
Max. audio output 2.0 A
(at 10 dB S/N; 1.8–29.999 MHz)
SSB, CW, RTTY 0.16 μV
AM 2.0 μV typ
Selectivity SSB, CW, RTTY 2.1 kHz/-6 dB
4.5 kHz/-60 dB
AM 6.0 kHz/-6 dB
20 kHz/-60 dB
Audio output powe (10% dist/ 4Ω load) 2.0 W (10% dist / 8 Ω load)
RF output power (PEP)
(output power differs depending on version)
SSB, CW, RTTY 2-100 W
AM 2-35 W
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